Trading the laptop for shears?


I have written about Bernard Duseigneur before – he was the guy we met while filming for the Two Sisters promo video (please, do revisit it, and if you know anyone in TV production we are looking for channels to commission it or production companies to pick it up. It’s a good idea – they are just so worried that wine is boring that we are struggling to get through). Bernard is the banker who left the high-paced life of Paris to take over his father’s vineyards in Southern Rhone. If you know Swedish, you can read a recent interview I did with him here as part of my weekly blogging for Vinbanken. It was before I convinced them to let me write my posts in English – from now on it will be easier for you all.

Now I’m really considering taking some time in September to go down to the Domaine Duseigneur vineyard to help with harvest. Not sure how much help I will be, considering I spend most of my days in front of this bloody computer, but it would be a nice change. And in all honesty – next time I rave about the merits of hand-picking I might take a step back to remember how utterly wearisome it is. Could be a good lesson. Unfortunately, knowing me, I won’t be a good, quiet and effective worker for long. I will either find ways to re-structure and increase effectiveness, or I will start making little videos and taking pictures and blog. Or plan the post-picking party. Sigh.

So, what I’m wondering is if any of you readers have done a harvest? How was it? What did you learn? Was it worth the pain and suffering and blisters?

The castle of Chateauneuf du Pape in Southern Rhone

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