Back to basics – and the show goes on

After six months of writing weekly for the Swedish site Vinbanken along with my print articles in Allt om Vin (three in the current issue, buy it!), Meininger’s Wine Business International, and most recently, Decanter, I realized I am treating my blog badly. Additionally, I want my writing on the web to be in English so I can share it with my friends and followers all over the world, and Vinbanken needs to go back to being all Swedish, so we decided to part ways. Now I will sincerely try to get a more even frequency of posts here on twosisterswinetripping. (Cajsa, you too, get your lazy ass back online, you hear me??)

Two of my more recent posts on Vinbanken were on South Africa. One on the carbon neutral winery Backsberg, with the darling Simon Back, which you find here. The second is on the IPW system in South Africa, their very own certification for sustainability. I was critical and sceptical at first, but the program really has made a difference. I had many good, long conversations with Danïel who runs it. Read the article here.

My last post for Vinbanken, in Swedish, was on the couple who run Sweden’s first ”natural wine” importer. They’ve had a challenge getting started but now earn well-deserved respect. Not from everyone, but definitely from me. You can read it here.

Simon Back

The week before, I wrote on a unique meeting of the sommeliers of the top Nordic restaurants including Noma, Mathias Dahlgren, Maeemo, Frantzen-Lindeberg… There were more Michelin stars represented in that room than people. Cool to be the only outsider attending. Will write an article or two for international press, but an overview from the meeting can be found here.

If you don’t want to read all those posts, take a look regardless. There are some dreamy pictures to rest your eyes on while the rain is pouring down outside. If I mean the handsome boys or the vistas, I’ll leave unsaid ;)

So now, what to do with this blog? What do you want us to do/change/continue with? Originally, it was intended to chronicle the work Cajsa and I had (or have; finally back on the ball again) getting our TV show started. I’ll be damned if I can’t get that thing on the road. After a life raised in TV-production, and a passion to the core for wine, winemakers, wine regions and yummy food, I know we can make a good show. Plus, to be honest, Cajsa is seriously funny. As in laugh-out-loud funny. I couldn’t do it without her. And why would I want to. (Well I know why – have you MET her before coffee in the morning??).

Swedish sisters at even more Swedish Midsummer. Pictures from later in the evening are censored.

We are talking to a major international production company and I think we are at the point where we all agree on the need for a pilot show. The channels say wine is boring – I know it’s nothing of the kind and that we can convey it on TV. But a half-hour episode speaks louder than I ever could. Now the question is financing. My idea is that we do it in South Africa while I’m down there in January-March. We know ways to reduce the budget but still need well more than a few thousand dollars to cover costs. If you know a company which might be interested in sponsoring a high-end, glossy, fun lifestyle program with substance (international market, including Scandinavia), do contact me! We’ll get them their money’s worth.

So, again, any feedback you might have on what you want to see more of on this site, let us know.


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3 Responses to “Back to basics – and the show goes on”

  1. 2012/10/30 at 11:06 #

    Decanter! Nice Erica! Which issue?

    • 2012/10/30 at 11:44 #

      February issue. It’s just a little half-page thing. But every step counts I guess ;-)

    • 2012/10/30 at 12:35 #

      (meaning it will be in Feb 2013 issue, by the way)