Erica on Wine

I am in love with wine. Truly, madly deeply. It’s not just about the wine itself though – my passion is for the people and places behind an excellent bottle of wine, and the food and company to go with it. Passionate winemakers move me much more than Parker Points, and seeing the vines in different seasons or tasting the grapes make me happier than tasting Lafite. But every now and then there is a glass of wine which is more than just good – it makes my heart beat faster!

Erica porträttAfter a career mainly within Biotechnology Business development, I noticed I was more excited about organizing office wine tastings than analyzing drug development. So I re-schooled myself through WSET (Diploma) at  Grythyttan Academy of Gastronomy. Now, I’m bitten for life, and am  spending my time traveling to wine regions, writing articles for the leading Swedish wine magazine Allt om Vin, and holding tastings to get others as excited about discovering this world as I am. I also write frequent articles in Meininger’s Wine Business International, Residence Magazine, IcaKuriren Upptäck Världen, and most recently a few short ones in Decanter. Additionally, we are trying to get a wine-food-travel show on the air. I might not have found my final role in this industry yet, but writing seems to suit me well for now. Plus, it means I get to meet some fantastic people, and that is at the heart of my personal path to wine discovery.

My favorite wine: Champagne. I’m addicted. No joke.
My favorite non-wine activity: Skiing in Deer Valley, Utah.
Best party trick: Sabering bubbly with an iron. Or a shovel. Or whatever is close at hand.
Best way to make money on the stock market: Biotech stocks.
Best way to lose money on the stock market: Biotech stocks.
Previous career: Equities analyst. Of Biotech stocks…

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