Attraction at first glance, and a wine to elicit emotion.

Late last night when the snow had started falling and I could not sleep, after a discussion on conveying passion in wine writing, I was wondering; How can a beverage ...

Candied citrus peels – slivers of sunshine

In great grand-aunt’s cook book there are recipes for sweets, of course. With the run up to Christmas I’m testing my way through them. One of my favorite pretty treats ...

Oslo travel guide for fellow foodies

I’ll be writing an Oslo travel guide for IcaKuriren Upptäck Världen, but for my English-speaking foodie friends, here is my quick guide to gourmet Oslo: Have some generous servings of ...


Champagne tips (video)

On writing: The wine writer is dead; long live the wine writer

I guess I ended up there as well. In the place where ...

Laura Catena on Malbec and Mendoza

A few weeks back, one of our family friends and professional photographer ...

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The Great Swedish Gingersnaps Experiment – part two

So, to be honest the first set of Swedish gingersnaps from great grandaunt Märta’s cook book did not turn out the way I am used to. It seems things were not as spicy back in the day, and I like my Swedish gingersnaps with a serious ginger-cinnamon-cardamom-punch. Her recipe reminded me of a cross between […]

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Husmoderns Bok – Blodpudding (Black Pudding)

First Recipe – Blodpudding (Black Pudding) Today, I’ll give you the recipe for Blodpudding – Swedish Black Pudding, traditionally served with lingonberry jam, bacon, fried slices of apple and/or a white cabbage salad. You can use cranberries mixed with sugar if you can’t find lingonberries in your country. I’ll write the recipes in metric (and […]

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The Great Swedish Gingersnaps Experiment

There is nothing to get the holiday mood going like the scent of thin Swedish gingersnaps, ”pepparkakor”, baking in the oven. ”Gingersnaps” is actually a better name than ”pepparkakor” – pepper cookies – since the cookies have ginger but not pepper. Oh well, not my problem. Either way, they are full of traditional Swedish Christmas […]

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Norwegian inspiration – Oslo is bubbling with food love

This insatiable need to travel… It takes so little to trigger a trip. Within a few weeks I met three fellow foodies/wine lovers from the country to the West from my current home, which made me realize I know nothing of the food scene in a national capital only an hour’s flight away. Well-known wine […]

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Spiced pupmkin-rye bread with nuts – delicious AND low GI

Stepping outside of my regular wine-writing box, I just have to share this recipe I made this morning with inspiration from Not Without Salt. I interviewed a leading researcher on anti-diabetic foods last week for an article. She had recently finished a study on the merits of rye and barley. Seem to be super-foods when […]

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Thoughts on wine writing

Had a discussion with a very senior (sic!) fellow wine writer yesterday on the subject that I don’t taste or review all the Bag-in-Box wines released on the Swedish market. He found my attitude egocentric and snobbish since 60% of all wines sold in Sweden are in box. I, on the other hand, find that […]

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Husmoderns Bok – diving into Swedish Gastronomic History

Of all the beautiful things I received from my 90-yearold grandmother when she moved from her house, one piece has laid undiscovered until now. Rather, I knew she had given me her mother’s sister’s cook book, but I hadn’t discovered all the amazing treasures between the tattered covers. Great grandaunt Märta was the matron at […]

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Back to basics – and the show goes on

After six months of writing weekly for the Swedish site Vinbanken along with my print articles in Allt om Vin (three in the current issue, buy it!), Meininger’s Wine Business International, and most recently, Decanter, I realized I am treating my blog badly. Additionally, I want my writing on the web to be in English […]

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Sustaining South Africa for the future

The trip to South Africa was a real eye-opener for me. I had written off the country as a producer of mainly overripe, overextracted, ”created” bulk wines. How unprofessional of me to cast such a judgement before visiting! The South African wine industry is moving by leaps and bounds, and there are bottled wines in […]

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Driving miss Daisy (and the Swartland Independent Revolution)

My trip around the winelands of South Africa is a real treat. First of all, this is a truly magnificent country – extremely beautiful. Secondly – the people are more welcoming than you could ever imagine. Even when I show up a day early at a remote vineyard (Cederberg) or come for a booked tasting […]

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